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Is “Think and Grow Rich” a Fantasy?

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Think and Grow RichNearly everyone thinks about getting rich.  The difference is wishing and thinking are two different things.  “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill published in 1937 is one of the most purchased books world-wide.  So why isn’t everyone rich?  It is worth searching for money-making opportunities because you might get some interesting tips for you to proceed further.

Going further is what separates wishing and thinking.  Wishing involves hoping you will get rich but Think and Grow Rich requires that you actually plan and do, then grow rich.  Potential is very much needed before planning your work then working your plan.  Moving forward from 1937 to 2016, the rules are still the same, but the internet has changed the landscape.  People are looking for jobs/riches on the internet. Before you get an idea of starting a business, ask yourself.  Is it risky to invest the time and money?  Is it dangerous doing such things?  Well, yes, because there is no full guarantee that it will give you the correct work and the right amount of money.

Good planning is very necessary.  How much time and effort are you willing to put forth to get an acceptable return?  According to the book, there are no really difficult skills, but the passion and determination inside yourself.  Little or no effort is required to be under-achieving and this is why statistically, most of us are only wishing for riches.  We want the assurance that at least we maintain the status quo and hope to get better results.  There is no assurance of income.

A careful study indeed.  Many get-rich-quick programs follow the same principles out-lined by Napoleon Hill but from a different prospective.  Most of the money to be made in the get-rich-quick market is to develop and sell get-rich-quick programs.  A person or persons had a thought, started a written plan, determined how much they were willing to give to receive a specific amount of money by a certain time, developed the plan to attain what they wanted, then executed the plan.  Foremost is the execution, time-lines and a willingness to take corrective actions along the journey.  The actual outcome is often different than the original thought.  

An important consideration for internet business is your research.  All websites will contain some testimonials.  So to find whether it is real or not then try to call the owner of the company and ask them some phone numbers of the successful people.  Enquire those people about their experience in working with the company.  These communications will give you the exact information from people who have worked in the company also they will provide you with some guidelines for your future processing.

If you are thinking to do your own e-business, from the bottom-up, the initial investment can be an issue.  Know how much you have versus how much you need.  What can you do yourself?  What will need to be purchased?  Many times we over-rate our ability and under-estimate our resources.  Also, consider your time investment.  If you spend the money, be prepared to put in the time to make your plan a success.

Just be aware of a company that does not ask for any initial investment. This is because in a later stage they will ask for the marketing fees and advertisement fees. There is no company that will give you opportunity for free of cost.  However, you should not concentrate only in the initial investment but also consider the amount of potential business as well as history in your market.  VHS tapes moved to DVDs…Now we can download and stream movies.  What happened to the people that thought of , developed, and marketed VHS?  Hopefully they adjusted their plan and adapted to changes in the market.

The important thing for you is to balance the track record and the potential to consider a profit or not.  Not making a decent profit is not a decent idea.  The main aim is that there should be a good profit.

These are the main key points that you have to look out for starting an internet based business. Considering these points you can be successful in the business.

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